Princess Party New Orleans

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Safety First!

Interactive Play

Choose your favorite 

Princess or Character !!!

Frozen Fun

New Orleans Princess & Best Friend

Princess I & II available & both sisters


choices for any Princess character!

 Classic storybook look and many other styles & themes available!

Make  your event or party a royal experience with a princess joining in the celebration and leading the way with music and fun activities. Let our expert planners help you to choose the right combination for your theme, guests, schedule and your royal birthday princess.


Our princesses are trained vocalists and performers who conduct themselves with elegance and  professionalism. With sweet intonation, our princesses sing beautiful songs and engage guests with either a performance style show to listen to and watch or by bringing them in as part of the show to sing along.

Our princesses are dressed well in dashing, beautiful gowns made of high quality materials.  We do not use costumes that are found in local party supply stores. Our princesses are also well-groomed with stylish make-up and elegant hairstyles made of real or realistic hair to present a most natural look.

In addition to singing, we offer several activities to choose from as party entertainment such as Princess coronations, waving lessons, princess dance party,  celebrating tea party style, or dazzling makeovers, storytelling, learning dances moves, princess etiquette lessons, participation in games and much more imaginative fun!

We accompany the birthday honoree to sing with our princess or 'take it away' on their own, then we lead all party go-ers to participate in karaoke style singing where everyone takes a turn or sings as a group.

We  encourage everyone to participate in planned group activities, as we lead the flow of the party. We treat all guests like royalty while allowing the guest of honor to declare their own decree and reign as ruling princess!

Basic sound equipment is included with our princess parties which consists of a mic combination and speaker set-up that is appropriate for average room size use.


We offer additional sound equipment packages capable to accommodate any sized venue or event space from medium size to large concerts to outdoor festivals.


Our princesses are well-prepared and professionally trained to deliver a complete royal experience for your royal celebration!!!


Princess Party New Orleans

Characters - Themes - Holidays

It's so exciting to have a real live princess at her party!

Choose her favorite princess theme!

 Musical - Movie Themed Characters-  Parties- Music

choose any theme of princess

sea princess-sea foam

fairest princess- red/blue

sleeping princess- pink

ice-snow princess- 1 & 2  aqua

New Orleans princess-beige/green

Bella princess-yellow

Cinda princess- blue

long haired princess- purple


create your own!*

*** princesses are styled similar to Disney princess but we are not Disney or related to or part of Disney company or its affiliates. 

Fun Interaction with Party Guests

High-Quality Gowns!  -  Real or Realistic Hair - Professional Makeup!

Fun Activities


Solo song performance

Learn a dance




Etiquette-Charm Time

Tea Time

Spa Time


Costume contests

 Karaoke fun


Make-Overs- Spa Time

Interactive Games 




 Princess Tea Party

Playground Princess Party

Our Princesses are experienced vocalists & most are professional musicians. We know how to entertain!!

Your princess is gonna be so surprised!

Other Party Services Available



Professional Band

Brass Band

Second Line Parade

Kid Band

Princess' in concert

Character Themes

Holiday Themes

Record a song

Piano & Voice lessons

KID BAND AVAILABLE (mixed genre)


  Other Special Guests

Special holiday themed guests at your party or event!

    contact us for information &rates

Musical appearances from holiday or fantasy characters. Choose from a variety of characters figures.  

Holiday characters available Santa Claus, Easter Bunny or other childhood favorite characters. 


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