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brass band parigi second line & character entertainers

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New Orleans Brass Band

New Orleans Brass Band Second line & jazz music

Second Line Band

brass band second line in New Orleans

Our prices & talent cannot be beat !!!!!!!

New Orleans Brass Band

 Iconic Sound 

Go To The Mardi Gras

Jam !!! 

Second line brass band

music sample- listen

Second line song - Joe Avery's Blues

Shake it Break it

When the Saints go Marching In

  • Large repretoire of songs 

  • Professional Musicians

  • Personalized line-up for your event

  • Talented - Experienced  

  • Professional Planning 

second line brass band parade New Orleans

click for specific event type

weddings and events  Brass Band wedding SECOND LINE

Weddings Second line

New Orleans jazz funeral brass band.jpg

 Funeral - Second-Line

traditonal second line - French Quarter New Orleansthe real deal

Brass Band Second line parade

second line music band


Second Line 

Birthday & Special Celebrations

birthday party, happy birthday, birthday second line

see more video samples below

About Our Brass Band!


Brass Band PARIGI is a diversified group of professional musicians living in New Orleans who band together as a musical family. The forefront of our performances are to entertain audiences from around the globe with the iconic sounds of New Orleans brass band and jazz music. We play for conventions, weddings, funerals, for all types of celebrations, events, second-line parades and even just for jam sessions and fun! We not only deliver brass band sound we bring the style, character and swag that is New Orleans. Brass Band PARIGI  has something for every audience.


We believe in and promote the preservation of the rich history and culture of brass band music that has spanned for generations in New Orleans. We strive to consistently produce high-quality, true-to-form brass band performances. Brass Band PARIGI consists, in large part, of members that were born from years of New Orleans brass band players. As we expand, add members or make changes to our brass band family, we first extend opportunities to brass band talent in our community to keep New Orleans brass band music going - now and for future generations.



Beside the many years of professional and practical brass band experience  our group encompasses a vast range of professional music educational accomplishments which contributes to producing well-rounded musical performances.  Our members are New Orleans educated and trained either from extensive conservatory jazz training,  born into generations of  brass band players to holding music masters and college degrees.   As true musicians, our musicianship allows us to play not only the iconic traditional sounds of New Orleans brass band, jazz, second-line and funk music, we offer progressive, ragtime, modern, international and cultural music as well. 

Our prices and talent cannot be beat!!  We offer Free Consultations and are happy to offer insights to our unique process. Contact us!

Check out our sample videos on this page of authentic brass band and international folk music performances. We also do sound production and jazz ensemble performances. 

second line brass band parigi
Virtual second line

Virtual or live

Second Line Brass Band

watch video


live in-person performances

Brass Band & Second line

in New Orleans

  • MINIMONY (mini ceremony with limited number of people, usually around 10. Live stream to other guests.

  • Macromony (small ceremony with limited guest, up to 50. Live stream to other guests. 


  •  Lawn & garden celebrations with           live brass band performance.  

  • Private outdoor events.

  • Garden parties.

  • Proper PPE & social distancing 



  • 'Live' performance streamed to you through sharable link for you & your guests to enjoy together.

  • The band gathers and together perform New Orleans traditional brass band second line music.

  •  Personalize  & special introduction and well wishes for the honoree!

  • Live interaction

  • Professional planning

  • E-invitations included

  • Professional quality sound

  • Be the first in your area to host a virtual second line celebration!

  • Share in the latest trend for second line celebrations!

  • Economical

  • Safe social distancing ideas for parties!

  • In person in the New Orleans area

  • So much more to know!!!

  • Lets talk about how to make your celebration personalized and special!!




Learn about funeral second lines here!  WATCH video- press play

We Do it ALL!!!


Brass Band Music

Second-Line Parades











Sweet 16


Award Ceremonies

Airport arrivals


Any occasion!!!!

Funeral Turn

Classical, Piano & Vocalist for also available for Liturgical events.

Wedding second line brass band New Orleans


scroll down for more music samples!!

In the streets of

New Orleans!



can you keep your feet still?

NO charge for use  of our second line umbrellas!! several styles

brass band second line umbrellas New Orleans

Wedding Parasols


We deliver brass band fun and brass band music directly to your event location, such as a hotel ballroom, convention center, church, reception hall,  private home or business, park, etc. We also perform at festivals and second line parade in the city streets or for funerals. We arrive to your event in our traditional or unique brass band attire with festive accents and colors or dark serious style.   We offer several performance options depending on events size and purpose.  Our customer service is above and beyond the norm. We are here to help you, from our family to yours - in any way we can - for success in your special celebration.  

Classic New Orleans Brass Band favorites!

New Orleans Second Line

listen to brass band music samples​

Second-Line with or without "growl"  !!!!!!!

We know how to play that New Orleans sound!

Brass Band Second Line

brass band wedding second line

Happy Birthday Celebrations

Birthday & special celebrations

New Orleans Brass Band PARIGI  with swag...

Second-line band

St. James Infirmary

New Orleans Second-Line Umbrellas

mardi gras, birthday party, event second line umbrellas, brass band
wedding second line, funeral second line, jazz funeral, bride and groom umbrellas
brass band second-line umbrellas for weddngs and event second lines

 second line dance party fun

see our other music styles below - we do it all !!

New Orleans Brass Band PARIGI



Besides playing traditional New Orleans brass band music, PARIGI brings a unique style to brass band playing which is perfect to entertain audiences from around the world, welcome international groups or traveling guests or for local residents. We incorporate international music and also transform familiar songs from other genres of music into the original sounds of New Orleans for others to experience the wonder of brass band music.  Add brass to any cultural or international song. We also play traditional jazz music too. We do it all!!!

Jazz Combo - Ensemble - Jazz Band PARIGI Sample Video


we do sound production too!

In New Orleans, we don't need a reason to make some music or garner attention or to join in a second line. New Orleans Brass Band - PARIGI is ready to serenade you and your guests with music for any occasion.


New Orleans brass band second line French Quarter events in New Orleans

New Orleans

Brass Band PARIGI


contact brass band

Get A Quote

Brass Band Second line options vary depending on the date, time, day, number of guests, location, amount of time,  distance, seasonal times, availability, events in the city, and the number of players.   Brass band size ranges from 5 to  12 players and up to orchestra size. 

Performance times range from 30 minutes up to 5 hours.


 Let us tailor a performance that’s perfect for your event and budget.  

 Use this form to get a quote!

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New Orleans Brass Band Second Line Band
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