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 Second Line, Brass Band, Jazz Combo, Princess & Character Entertainers

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Princess Party & characters

brass band parigi second line




PARIGI specializes in  high quality event performances including brass band, second line,  jazz ensemble  music, soloist, vocalists, and themed characters.  

We produce professional, affordable, quality music and entertainment for events. Our professional musicians and performance artists are skilled, seasoned and among the best in the industry and know how to communicate as one - musically - and as artists.  So whether it's a soloist, duo, trio or as a big band, our musicians are cued up to go.  Our talent and prices cannot be beat!!

We lead our second line parades with the iconic sounds of New Orleans brass band music.  We also offer New Orleans Jazz ensemble style and classic favorites too.  We are not a band booking agency or a company that hires outsourced characters.  We are a musical family comprised of true friends and families that understand music, culture and performance both in the style of New Orleans and internationally as well.  We are actively involved in keeping up-to-date with trends while still holding on to tradition. 

In addition to our New Orleans style,  we perform several other genres including instrumentals, classical, beautiful melodies, pop hits,  funky rhythmic beats and much more. We can perform as background music or take over, center stage!   We cater to diverse audiences from around the globe and can play many cultural folk tunes. We are so creative when it comes to planning music for an event, we are confident you'll be pleased.

We accommodate events of any size, ranging from small private parties to huge concerts. We provide music and entertainment for parties, weddings, celebrations, private and corporate gatherings, banquets, festivals, dance parties, liturgical celebrations, funerals, character and princess parties and so much more.   No event is too small or too big.

Our approach is not routine or lacking in individuality. Our management team is creative and has experience working closely with clients throughout the planning process to make sure we are continuously in line with client expectations. We methodically combine factors of the event: theme, style, venue,  performance, target audience and produce a noteworthy lineup of music that compliments the events narrative, and delivers an entertainment experience with elegance and style.

bbhorn secton second line damon and dara

New Orleans celebrations

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