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When people gather to mingle during an event, music is the energy that engraves a lasting impression in their minds.  Choosing the correct style of music and the way it is delivered is most important.  PARIGI facilitates the planning process by offering a choice of performance styles and song suggestions to reflect the goals of the event or evoke  nostalgia and create new memories. 

Volume & Crowd Management

Conducting a sound check is important, but more important and often overlooked by event planners is planning for crowd management. PARIGI Productions takes pride in  not only mixing music for that smoothing bass vibe, to put  emphasis on certain notes, our strategy and deep understanding of what to cover for making sure the sound is right and at the right time is just as important. For example, crowd management with music is used to wind down an event , to entertain or control chatter volume and is also needed for several other specific purposes which are discussed during the client booking process and planned specifically according to the clients goals of each event.   

Perfomance Size 

Want to impress with elegance, tradition, energy, or soul, keep it quaint or make a big splash?  musician acts range from solo performance with self-accompaniment to acts done by duet, trio,quartet, quintet, traditional band type, or with a full orchestra. It doesn't take a full orchestra to make an elaborate impression or captivate an audience.  Our outstanding talent has experience playing many styles of music.  We aim to please and make our events successful, thats why we plan carefully beforehand and continuously plan and make changes as needed along the way. PARIGI Productions combines musicians according to the clients desired style of music.  No matter what genre is chosen, we can add horns, violins, percussion to any act to fit it perfectly. 


Choose from New Orleans Jazz, or traditional, ragtime, latin, or gypsy jazz also old-time favorites, era music from roaring '20's to present, classical, opera, broadway/movie style, Italian or other folklore by state or country theme, cultural or ritual styled music. We make recommendations and collaborate with clients and our musicians to find

the perfect vibe, style and delivery for your event.

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