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PARIGI Productions specializes in business meetings, company parties, corporate and convention events. Make your event an event to remember with music from a selected group that connects with your guests in an elaborate but quaint way and on a personalized adventure with you, with your message delivered through music. We offer guided planning for one event or multiple days and for different settings,  bringing fresh entertainment throughout your entire agenda.


Entertainment done concert or showcase style is a favorite among corporate planners because of the big sounds resonating from many amazing instruments.  We offer a choice of solo-duet-trio-quartet-etc. performances, classical & jazz ensembles, acapella style, traditional or contemporary bands, orchestra, big band, brass, and marching bands with a vocalist singing too or just instrumental background music.  Our  experts sing, play, or entertain as audiences watch show-style  or  with the audience  up on their feet breaking out their best dancing moves to some New Orleans funk, popular songs, blues, oldies, jazz and so much more.  


We understand how to mix a little New Orleans in with any crowd while keeping our host clients, their directives, and the company image at the forefront.

Throughout our events, we love to include that distinctive style of our New Orleans Brass Band leading guests in a second line parade- dancing around the room, convention center and through the city streets. 



 In addition, we offer performances with classical style music from solo performances of piano, classical guitar, violin, mandolin, etc up or an orchestra performance with a sound as big  as you want, andwith or without classical vocalists. In addition, our classical ensemble or big band serenade guests show style or table side or just staying near the crowd with background music.


We provide a wide variety of music from different styles of Jazz: New Orleans,  Classic or Jazz Standards for dinner, lunch or brunch, or Traditional, Classic, Opera, Swinging Folk Tunes, Rhythmic jams,Gypsy Jazz, Second Line Dance or Parade with a Brass Band leading the way.  We are well-versed and clever enough to cater the music to the message of a company, corporate logo,  business,  product promotions or which celebrates customers, employees, clubs, associations, your company or a special event.  


It's not what you say, its how you say it that makes a difference. Make a difference with your event by adding a theme and let the music do the talking.  Celebrate with a  style that fits your corporate theme and honors your business, the culture of a state, country, international or folk heritage. Imaginative fun can be had with an era- decade theme-circa style from any time from Medieval through today. Plan whatever can mix in with your business traditions like movie themes, tropical, disco, toga, dance crazes, Broadway show tunes, royal, character themes or your own creative  preferences. We can bring it all to life with the music that fits the occasion.


Music is a key element that sets the mood for an event to engrave the special moments during ceremonies or special events for later recall into the hearts and minds of all involved. Whether it's for corporate training or seminars, a wedding, funeral, birthday party, graduation or other milestones, or for promotions, awards ceremonies, military, sporting-event, patriotic, anniversary, religious milestone, reunion, or a particular personal event, say it with the music thats most fitting. We can arrange any style of music that is particular to a special person, group, team members with music styled for events. Personalize your ceremonial, traditional, patriotic, liturgical, wedding funeral, convention, party, celebration and for any event.

Can't decide, let us guide your planning and we can go as far as mixing it all up together  "gumbo style" and produce a little of each. Our experts will guide you through what is right to achieve your vision! 

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