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About Our Brass Band!


Brass Band PARIGI is a diversified group of professional musicians living in New Orleans who band together as a musical family. The forefront of our performances are to entertain audiences from around the globe with the iconic sounds of New Orleans brass band and jazz music. We play for conventions, weddings, funerals, for all types of celebrations, events, second-line parades and even just for jam sessions and fun! We not only deliver brass band sound we bring the style, character and swag that is New Orleans. Brass Band PARIGI  has something for every audience.


We believe in and promote the preservation of the rich history and culture of brass band music that has spanned for generations in New Orleans. We strive to consistently produce high-quality, true-to-form brass band performances. Brass Band PARIGI consists, in large part, of members that come from deep New Orleans brass band heritages. As we expand, add members or make changes to our brass band family, we first extend opportunities to brass band talent in our community to keep New Orleans brass band music going - now and for future generations.



Beside the many years of professional and practical brass band experience bundled together,  our group encompasses a vast range of music educational accomplishments which contributes to producing well-rounded performance experience.  Brass Band PARIGI members have backgrounds ranging from music masters and college degrees,  to extensive conservatory training in addition to historic brass band experience.   As true musicians, our musicianship allows us to play not only  New Orleans brass band jazz, second-line and funk music, we offer progressive, ragtime, modern, international and cultural music as well, plus so much more.


 The collective experiences of our management team and professional musicians working hand in hand behind the scenes is a strong foundation to start from with event planning and producing successful events. We are able to assist clients in planning for a wide variety of events, for businesses, and cultural celebrations.

  Our skilled management team shares our own coherent collaborations with other industry professionals to offer complete and specialized planning for conventions, corporate events, weddings, and parties and offer planning for single, multiple or consecutive day events, and in various styles and genres. 


We offer SO MUCH MORE then what our musical talents bring to the event.

Music plays such an important role as the center of a successful event because it sets the perfect mood for guests to relax and take in the intentions of the host. Gathering people together and capturing their attention allows the whole affair to blossom into cherished memories etched with deep harmony.   We coordinate with you to understand your vision and work to transform that image into an effective and entertaining presentation. We plan, but first we listen, really listen.  We hear, then review and check our understanding along the way.

We offer Free Consultations and are happy to meet with you to offer insights to our unique process. Contact us!

Check out our sample videos on this page of authentic brass band and international folk music performances, large audiences, sound production and jazz combo performances. Click the red button for more details about conventions and planning.


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special celebrations - sample - listen

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Mardi Gras New Orleans Second-Line Umbrellas

Listen to more samples of New Orleans Brass Band Music & Brass Band second line parade

New Orleans Brass PARIGI

Second-Line with or with our "growl"!!!!!!!

Jazz Funeral March - Traditional

 Brass Band New Orleans PARIGI plays St. James Infirmary in the New Orleans Brass Band style of music.

New Orleans Brass Band PARIGI  

St. James Infirmary

Bourbon Street Parade
sample video

'Bourbon Street Parade' 






Besides playing the official New Orleans brass band style, PARIGI brings a unique style to brass band playing which is perfect to entertain audiences from around the world, welcome international groups or traveling guests or for local residents. We incorporate international music and also transform familiar songs from other genres of music into the original sounds of New Orleans to for others to experience the wonder of brass band music.  Add brass to any cultural or international song. We also play traditional jazz music too. We do it all!!!

SUMMERTIME - Brass Ensemble plays Classical Style too!


Ensemble Sample Video-also see our Jazz Band page

large audiences - ensemble sample video

Italian Folk songs with New Orleans Brass Band PARIGI

Listen & Watch crowd

we do sound production too!


We deliver brass band fun and brass band music directly to you at your event location of choice whether its at hotel ballroom, convention center, church, reception hall, park or where ever the event is held. We can also be seen performing at festivals, parading in the city streets or for funerals. We arrive your event in our unique well-dressed brass band attire with our uniforms fitting for the occasion with choices of festive accents, specific colors or themes, or dark serious style.  We choose a specific combination of these accents to meet your theme:  signage and accessories, uniforms, colors, decorative umbrellas, banners, or flags.  Our graphics are as festive as our music and are specifically chosen for each performance. We offer several options depending on events size and purpose.  Our customer service is above and beyond the norm. We are here to help you, from our family to yours,  in any way we can for success with your special celebration.  

In the streets of

New Orleans!



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We can organize our brass band into any size ranging from the standard 4 to 6 players and up to 12 players or orchestra size. Performance times range from 1 hour 15 minutes up to 5 hours. Prices vary, contact us for a quote.             

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  Brass Band PARIGI

In New Orleans, we don't need a reason to make some music or garner attention. We are ready with our Brass Band New Orleans - PARIGI to serenade you and your guests with music for any occasion.