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PARIGI Productions first became interested in music several years back when a young family member showed interest and promise as a successful  musician.   

PARIGI became involved with music organizations, volunteering with venues and non-profits programs in music, taking classes and paying for private tutoring to learn as much as possible.  During the upward, struggling years, PARIGI kept strong in perseverance even when some, only a couple of established giants tried to discouraged a start up production company with stories of growth difficulties and barriers for entry but it  only made the determination stronger.

After making investments to purchase the latest sound equipment for show productions and for recording and producing music, PARIGI began mixing and editing tracks and sounds.  Over two years, PARIGI spent long days and nights in the recording studio working, gaining practical experience,  and training with experienced technicians and musicians and produced multiple songs.


Having a formal education in marketing and management and already having many connections and years of practical experience in business sales and managment, PARIGI set out to the music community of venue suppliers and hired musicians looking for work.  Shows bookings started to come in for private parties and business events then festivals,  and even big stage performances. Confidence grew from the use of practical learning experiences and through making mistakes.  


It took more than serious commitment, work ethic and putting personal money on the line as investment into the growth of the business that brought the business up, the real magic came from always having a generous heart toward others needing work in music, it was no accident that from doing good works, opportunity came.  PARIGI began to meet not only some of the best musicians in the industry but even better, met the truest friends in music who live by the honor code of guardians of the music and who were willing pass along music knowledge, and practical experiences. PARIGI truly acknowledges the validity of the beliefs of reaping what is sown.  It was only in the spirit of giving and desire for knowledge that these things came to pass.  


It would be a couple more years of growing pains and finding the right way without giving up that PARIGI Productions would arrive professionally but yet, now having lifetime connections,deep understanding and garnered respect from peers and leaders in music for  in recording and show production in the music industry.  

   Whether doing live shows, arranging music or producing it in studio or live,  you can count on PARIGI Productions to make any  event or music track sound its best.


If you’d like to learn more or schedule a personal meeting with PARIGI Productions, feel free to get in touch.